Places to visit in Parbatsar, Rajasthan


Parbatsar, India is a beautiful destination full of vibrant culture and traditions. The best time to visit is between October and March and there are plenty of activities to do, from sightseeing to outdoor adventures. Here are 17 things to know before travelling to Parbatsar:

1. Destination Overview of Parbatsar:

Parbatsar is located in the state of Rajasthan and is famous for its temples and wildlife parks. It has a rich history, dating back to the 5th century when it was known as Parvatiyapura. The city is well-known for its traditional Rajasthani culture, delicious food, and colorful festivals.

2. Top Activities to do in Parbatsar:

• Sightseeing – Visit the famous Parbatsar temples, such as the Chaturbhuj Temple and the Chintamani Temple.
• Wildlife – Explore the wildlife at the nearby Ranthambore National Park, a tiger reserve and home to other rare animals and birds.
• Shopping – Visit the local markets for traditional Rajasthani souvenirs.
• Festivals – Attend the vibrant festivals like the Parbatsar Utsav, which celebrates the city’s culture with music and dance performances.

3. Best Places to Stay in Parbatsar:

• Luxury Places – Oberoi Vanyavilas, Hotel Avion, and The Tree House Resort.
• Mid Range – Hotel Darbargarh, Hotel Malvika Palace, and Hotel Suncity.
• Budget Friendly – Hotel Royal Palace, Hotel Ashok Palace, and Hotel Rajasthan International.

4. How to Travel to Parbatsar?

Parbatsar is well-connected by air, rail, and road. The nearest airport is Jaipur International Airport, which is about 90 km away. The nearest railway station is Sawai Madhopur Railway Station, which is about 25 km away. There are also several bus services that connect Parbatsar to nearby cities.

5. Must Try Local Food and Drink in Parbatsar:

• Dal Baati Churma – A traditional Rajasthani dish made with lentils, wheat balls, and ghee.
• Gatte Ki Sabzi – A spicy dish made with gram flour dumplings cooked in a yogurt-based gravy.
• Mirchi Vada – Crispy fried chilli fritters served with a chutney.
• Laal Maans – Rich, spicy mutton curry.
• Kalakand – A sweet dessert made with condensed milk, paneer, and cardamom powder.
• Lassi – A yogurt-based drink.

6. Best Places to Eat in Parbatsar:

• Hotel Suncity – A popular spot for traditional Rajasthani cuisine. Try the Dal Baati Churma, Gatte Ki Sabzi, and Mirchi Vada.
• Hotel Malvika Palace – This restaurant offers an extensive menu of Rajasthani dishes. Try the Laal Maans and Kalakand.
• Hotel Rajasthan International – This restaurant serves traditional Rajasthani dishes as well as North Indian and Chinese cuisine.

7. Weather and Climate:

Parbatsar has a hot and humid climate throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 21°C to 40°C. The best time to visit is between October and March when the weather is cooler and more pleasant. It is advised to avoid travelling during the monsoon season (July to September) as the roads can get flooded.

8. Local Customs and Etiquette in Parbatsar:

It is important to dress modestly when visiting temples, and it is advised to cover your head and shoulders. It is also important to be respectful of local customs and traditions. Tipping is expected in restaurants and for services such as taxi drivers and hotel staff.

9. Popular Scams in Parbatsar:

Be aware of common scams such as overcharging for goods and services, and fake guides and taxi drivers who try to persuade tourists to visit certain places. Always agree on the fare before getting into a taxi and never accept any food or drinks from strangers.

10. Suggested Trip Duration:

A good trip duration for Parbatsar would be 3-4 days, so you can explore the city and nearby attractions.

11. Total Estimated Budget Per Person:

The estimated budget per person for a 3-4 day trip to Parbatsar would be around INR 8,000-9,000, including accommodation, food, tickets, and activities.

12. Nearby Cities:

The nearby cities to Parbatsar are Jaipur (90 km), Ajmer (165 km), Jodhpur (400 km), Udaipur (400 km), and Delhi (450 km).

13. Local Language and Communication in Parbatsar:

The official language in Parbatsar is Hindi and the locals also speak Rajasthani. English is widely spoken in the tourist areas and it is possible to hire English-speaking guides at the tourist attractions.

14. Accepted Currency and Money:

The Indian Rupee (INR) is the official currency in India and is widely accepted. Credit and debit cards are accepted in most places, but it is advised to carry some cash as well. Tipping is expected in restaurants and for services such as taxi drivers and hotel staff.

15. Health and Medical Information:

It is advised to get vaccinated for common illnesses such as typhoid and hepatitis A. It is also recommended to carry basic medical supplies such as painkillers, antiseptic cream, and anti-diarrhea medication. Local medical facilities are available in the city and there are several hospitals and pharmacies.

16. Packing Tips for Parbatsar:

It is important to dress modestly when visiting temples, so it is advised to pack lightweight, loose-fitting clothes such as trousers, long skirts, and long-sleeved tops. It is also recommended to pack comfortable shoes, a hat, sunscreen, and a scarf for covering the head and shoulders.

17. To sum up:

Parbatsar is a beautiful destination full of vibrant culture and traditions, with plenty of activities like sightseeing, wildlife watching, and shopping to explore. Make sure to pack accordingly and be mindful of the local customs and etiquette for a safe and enjoyable trip.

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