Places to visit in Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan

17 Things To Know Before Travelling to Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan, 343022

1. Destination Overview of Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary:

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Bikaner district of Rajasthan, India. This sanctuary is famous for its rich flora and fauna and is home to some of the rare species of birds like Siberian Cranes. It is also a great spot for birdwatching, boating, and safari rides.

2. Top Activities to do in Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary:

• Bird Watching: Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is a paradise for bird watchers as it is home to more than 250 species of birds.
• Boating: Enjoy a boat ride on the Gajner Lake and take in the beauty of the sanctuary.
• Safari Rides: Take a jeep safari through the sanctuary and spot some of the rare species of animals like Blackbuck, Chinkara, and Nilgai.
• Nature Walks: Take a leisurely walk through the sanctuary and observe the serene surroundings.
• Wildlife Photography: Capture the amazing wildlife of Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary through your camera lens.

3. Best Places To Stay in Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary:

• Luxury Places: Gajner Palace Hotel, Gajner Heritage Retreat, and Gajner Safari Resort.
• Mid Range: Gajner Palace Camp, Gajner Safari Lodge, and Gajner Lake Resort.
• Budget Friendly: Gajner Safari Camp, Gajner Heritage Inn, and Gajner Safari Cottage.

4. How to Travel to Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary?:

The nearest airport to Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is in Jodhpur, which is about 200 km away. The nearest railway station is Bikaner Junction which is about 32 km away. From Jodhpur or Bikaner, one can take a bus or hire a taxi to reach Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary.

5. Must Try Local Food and Drink in Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary:

• Dal Baati Churma: A traditional Rajasthani delicacy, made with lentils, wheat balls, and jaggery.
• Mawa Kachori: A sweet-filled pastry which is popular in the region.
• Mirchi Bada: A spicy snack made with potatoes and chillies.
• Kair Sangri: A dish made with dried beans and berries.
• Guava Juice: A refreshing summer drink made with guavas.
• Seasonal: Mango lassi (in summer), Gajar ka halwa (in winter).

6. Best Places to Eat in Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary:

• Gajner Palace Restaurant
• Gajner Safari Lodge Restaurant
• Gajner Safari Camp Restaurant
• Gajner Heritage Retreat Restaurant
• Gajner Lake Resort Restaurant

7. Weather and Climate:

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary has a hot and dry climate with temperatures ranging from 5°C in winter to 45°C in summer. The best time to visit is from October to March. It is advisable to avoid visiting during the summer months of April to June as the temperatures are very high.

8. Local Customs and Etiquette in Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is important to be respectful of the local customs and etiquette while visiting Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary. Visitors should dress modestly and avoid displaying affection in public. It is also important to be aware of local religious customs and traditions and to be respectful of them.

9. Popular Scams in Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary:

• Be aware of taxi drivers who may overcharge visitors for rides.
• Be wary of people offering unlicensed tour guides and services.
• Be aware of pickpockets in crowded areas.
• Be aware of touts offering spurious services.

10. Suggested Trip Duration:

The suggested duration for a first-time traveler to Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is 3-4 days.

11. Total Estimated Budget Per Person:

The total estimated budget per person for a 3-4 day trip to Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is approximately Rs. 8,000-10,000 which includes stay, food, activities, and tickets.

12. NearBy Cities:

• Jaisalmer: 200 km
• Bikaner: 32 km
• Jodhpur: 200 km
• Barmer: 200 km
• Pokhran: 250 km

13. Local Language and Communication in Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary:

The official language of Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is Hindi. However, most people in the area also speak Rajasthani and English. There are English-speaking guides available at the tourist destinations and they usually charge around Rs. 500-1000 per day.

14. Accepted Currency and Money:

The local currency in Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is the Indian Rupee. Most places accept credit and debit cards and cash is also accepted. Tipping is not common in Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary.

15. Health and Medical Information:

It is recommended to get vaccinated against tetanus, polio, and hepatitis A and B before travelling to Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary. There are medical facilities available in nearby towns and cities but emergency medical services may be limited.

16. Packing Tips for Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary:

Pack light and comfortable clothing, including shirts, t-shirts, trousers, and shorts. Pack a pair of comfortable shoes and sandals. Don’t forget to bring a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. Pack a camera and some binoculars if you plan to do some birdwatching.

17. To sum up:

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is an ideal destination for birdwatchers, where one can spot some of the rare species of birds in its lush forests and lush green surroundings. Boating, safari rides, and nature walks are some of the activities one can enjoy here.

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